Monday, 24 June 2013

Mothra vs Godzilla / Godzilla vs the Thing

Easily the best Godzilla film since the original, Mothra vs Godzilla manages to weave in a human story that isn't just horrified reaction shots or aimless dithering. Following a typhoon, a gigantic egg is washed ashore and seized by greedy theme park industrialists. Tiny delegates from the mysterious Infant Island arrive to warn everybody that the egg belongs to their deity, a semi-immortal being named Mothra. Obviously, the ruthless capitalists piss themselves laughing and attempt to imprison the pixies.

Their cause is taken up by a gang of right-on journalists who journey to the God monster to plead for help with the rampaging Godzilla, who has since arrived with the intention of chowing down on the massive egg. Mothra herself is completely wonderful, a pop art insect with diamond eyes and canvas wings decorated with autumnal camouflage. Her furriness and lack of overt weaponry lend her battles with Godzilla a sense of despondency. She has to fight like hell just to match an exceptionally angry creature who has spent most of the film bumbling around stubbing his toe on historical landmarks.

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