Sunday, 10 November 2013

20XX's Seventh Gen Favs #17 - Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Aside from a single player that failed to make much use of the engine's various strengths, the only thing that let the otherwise excellent Battlefield: Bad Company 2 down was the community. On release it was a struggle to find a squad that wasn't entirely concerned with pitching up tent on a hillside armed with a camouflaged Ghillie suit and a scoped rifle. To get the most out of Bad Company 2 you needed objective minded team mates willing to fill action dictated roles. Stumble onto just that, and Bad Company 2 distinguished itself admirably. Unlike Halo's shield heavy war of attrition or Call of Duty's micro-calculation bum rushing, Bad Company 2 cast you as a fragile component in a vast theatre of war. Players were tasked with finding their place in an ever-changing conflict. Is your team low on re-enforcements? Switch up and become a hyper-mobile medic and zap them back to life. Allies fond of junking valuable equipment? Ride shotgun as an engineer and fix their mistakes. Find your niche in a cohesive whole and any minor success could mangle the ambitions of team boring sniper.

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