Monday, 11 November 2013

20XX's Seventh Gen Favs #16 - Mass Effect 2

Your very own Joseph Campbell space opera. Mass Effect 2 begins with the ludicrous, trillion dollar resurrection of series hero Commander Shepard - last seen transforming into charcoal in an alien planet's upper atmosphere. Messianic credentials firmly established, you're let off the leash to cad about the galaxy gathering together a motley crew of double hard space bastards for a suicide mission. Mass Effect 2 was Blake's 7 by way of Habitat furniture, a lovingly rendered homage to trashy 70s airport books in which humanity played the swinging dick bad boy to a stuffed shirt alien alliance. Mass Effect 2 remains the best in the series thanks to the extra credit missions that informed and enhanced the endgame charge. Didn't bother getting to the root of your gang's various personality disorders? Expect to be penalised with death and calamity. An unfussy cover shooter dressed up with hilariously callous mini-games, icy post-human electronica stuck ringing in your ears.

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