Thursday, 15 August 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

Strap yourself in for nearly an hour of repulsive excess! It's not enough to simply put out a trailer for the next Call of Duty multiplayer anymore. Activision now feel the need to stream a corporate conference. Hit the top vid for the three minute tease, second for the full beer shareholders meeting. With Battlefield 4 boasting about having a stable 60FPS on next-gen home consoles, it's important for the cross-generational Call of Duty: Ghosts to bring something new to the table.

Judging by the footage shown here, Infinity Ward have locked in on an unbroken stream of movement as their new selling point. The mantling, sliding and manhandle stabbing look like they've been shipped in from Far Cry 3. The worrying thing about such a move is that the last Far Cry was explicitly balanced around the single-player campaign. Ubisoft weren't worrying about the gameplay experience of the nameless heavies you were cleaving your way through. Even if this is obsessively managed hype footage, it's still rather worrying to see a player charging around like a headless chicken and hip-firing their way to pinpoint accurate headshots. Movement in competitive multiplayer should be about flanking, not transforming yourself into a lag trumping missile.

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