Thursday, 15 August 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts - ATTACK THE GAS STATION

Following yesterday's reveal YouTube gameplay for Call of Duty: Ghosts is starting to trickle in. The super excitable TmarTn leads the pack with several short clips explaining basic systems and features.

First up is the Odin Strike, a screen clearing bomb awarded for meeting on-the-fly conditions. Not only does the killstreak wipe out the entire enemy team upon detonation, it also mangles the actual geometry of the stage it was used on. The Odin Strike appears to be limited to certain maps and perhaps even game modes. Also seen here is the new Cranked game mode in which killing an enemy starts a countdown timer. Players are rewarded with speed and agility boosts for quick kills, and an explosive death if they reach zero.

Next up is some L115 hardscoping on a map called Whiteout. New to Ghosts is a clouded peripheral vision surrounding the gun sight allowing snipers to keep a cautious lookout. Although it's difficult to definitively say without knowing what perks or weapon specialisations TmarTn is using, scoping in on a target does look a little slower than Black Ops II. Similarly TmarTn isn't dragging the cursor onto target to correct his quick scope in. Dare to dream?

No! Before you get too excited, assuming you think quickscoping is totally lame, here's tejbz dragscoping with the best of them. He even manages a nifty no-scope.

Tejbz has also uploaded footage of a new Ghosts game mode. Search and Research reads like a cross-pollination of Kill Confirmed and Search and Destroy. Like Destroy there are no immediate respawns, and a bomb must be set at one of two locations. Unlike Destroy, killed players drop tags that can be collected by teammates, getting the dead player back in the action. If an enemy collects the tag though, the respawn is thwarted.

Finally, TmarTn demonstrating some of the destruction features in Ghosts. Aside from the map warping bomb, players can also destroy nominated sections of the play area, ranging from instant head glitch spots to gas station toppling. The ease with which players can alter the environment is the most interesting thing about this feature. Unlike Battlefield, which proposes a reasonably realistic idea of devastation, Ghosts pitches an arcadey instant-effect. Bizarrely, the environmental destruction looks far more compelling in these ancillary clips than in the official trailer.

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