Thursday, 2 September 2010


Call of Duty: Black Ops's latest tease sells on a brand new multiplayer mode that experiments with risk and reward in a Free-For-All context. Wager Match allows players to gamble with in-game currency, allowing them to stake unlock coin on their chances of a success in a series of fraught, specialist encounters. Of the four match types previewed, One in the Chamber looks the most promising. Recalling GoldenEye and Counter-Strike custom games, pistoleros have one single bullet, with a reload only available if you manage to successfully ambush another competitor. Disaster Year's mind is already racing with images of snaking stand-offs, as miss shooters desperately and inexpertly try to sneak a knife in whilst making pokey strafe runs. Hopefully these modes won't grind down into boring lurker hunts. The idle must be punished! No solid word on where you'll spend your winnings, but presumably your spends feed back into Black-Ops's custom load out systems - vapour word holds that unlockable weapons and streaks are based on individual decision rather than a rank ration.


Gary said...

Fucking love it as an idea! Very worried how it'll be in execution though.

Also I wish it was real money!

Chris Ready said...

Can't wait to give it a blast either. Really looking forward to Black Ops now!