Monday, 13 September 2010


This jumble reel of Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer matches by G4 TV demos a couple of gun attachments and killstreaks I haven't seen anywhere else. Jump straight to the 1 minute mark to see Black Ops's new assault rifle attachment - as an unrelated aside, did you know that the United States military hasn't used flamethrowers since 1978? They're a public relations disaster apparently.

Elsewhere, see a successful chase down with the explosive remote control car at 1:40; and from 2:10 there's a demonstration of the two-chance Valkyrie rocket launcher. 7 kills nets you an airdrop with a launcher and a couple of missiles. This controllable bonus replaces both Modern Warfare 2's Predator missile and Javelin. This play snatch also features persistent use of player customised gun sights, and a quick glimpse of a few of the new maps.


Gary said...

So does marathon and slight of hand come as standard on this then?

Chris Ready said...

Look here for a full list of Black Ops perks:

Marathon's a third tier perk now, and Sleight of Hand a second.

Chris Ready said...

Oh and Marathon now has a limit, you can't sprint indefinetly.