Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Head on over to Sean Witzke's Supervillain blog and get your read on as Witzke's counts us down through his favourite movies in a series of features winningly entitled No Star Wars. Curmudgeons may note that the list barely strays from masculine zip cinema, but who cares when the write-ups are this densely personal? He's certainly made a similar Disaster Year list more or less redundant. Of particular note is Witzke's reading of the conclusion to Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of A Clockwork Orange, which bypasses nihilistic knee-jerks to zone in on a speculative future beyond the petty for dear little Alex. If you want to dash straight to that, Witzke ranks it number 2.

Part 1 100 - 75
Part 2 75 - 51
Part 3 50 - 41
Part 4 40 - 31
Part 5 30 - 21
Part 6 20 - 11
Part 7 10 - 1

Track back Mr Witzke's Emma Peel Sessions label for oodles of similarly packed pop-culture commentary.

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