Saturday, 5 October 2013

Battlefield 4 - BETA

TheSandyRavage twitch-shooting his way around the Battlefield 4 beta whilst providing some practical PC performance advice. I'm looking forward to nabbing 4 along with a PS4 sometime before Christmas. Battlefield 3 was a bit of a bust on consoles, the hardware clearly wasn't up to the task. Cursed with a low frame rate, the online felt juddery - an experience you were corralling rather than outright controlling. Added next gen oomph should allow for something a little smoother next time around.

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Unknown said...

You will soon learn that 1-3 shots are enough to hunt down your enemy depending on how close your are and you can blast off 3 shots in a second thus making it accurate enough. Although, just make sure that you are able to mark your enemy. Because if they are able to escape, at least your friends nearby the enemy can kill them.

Battlefield 4