Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ten Video Games 2010: Game Dev Story

Beginning on the cusp of the 8-bit console era, Game Dev Story charts the progress of a video game start-up. Studio named and coders hired, early perils include high licence costs for console development, an unmotivated staff, and an indifferent audience. Although dressed up with cutesy micro SD stylings, there's a ruthless heart beating in Game Dev. The tippy-tappy stat management masks a small business headache simulator. You too can experience the joys of employee loathing, and industry exclusion! Players meander on as the years mount, perhaps hitting on a vague formula for success. The temptation to run this winning combination into the ground is total. Whether or not Game Dev Story bears any relation to actual game development is irrelevant; this iPhone remix of a decade old Japanese PC title allows an uncomfortable glimpse into any newly successful business. The wealthier you get, the further away you slip from your niche exploitation beginnings, often to the point were once loyal customers begin to resemble a mob of ugly discontents. How dare they reject your latest masterpiece! They should be grateful you make anything for them at all!

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