Monday, 9 August 2010


November's Call of Duty: Black Ops gets itself a multiplayer reel. Following the pattern dictated by Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 2 last year, this shill packs in oodles of eye-catch for the new toys. Single player's much trailed explosive crossbow makes the leap to competitive play, as does a Predator 2 harpoon gun, and a camera system designed for distracts / stationary reconnaissance. Gun noise has had a pleasantly clacky overhaul that vibes nice with the denied ops mindframe. Most exciting of all though is the remote controlled plastique buggy. Snaking silently up to stationary nuisances has never been so convenient! Deadly excitement is dulled slightly by the realisation that the package is simply an era appropriate re-skin of MW2. The on-screen positive reinforcement blurbs in particular lean far too heavily on IW's model - can't we chase some new nastiness? Still, why junk what works? MW2 still gobbles disaster leisure.

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