Friday, 13 August 2010

Infinite Revision

Ken Levine's next game has a name and a teaser. BioShock Infinite sees players cast as a Pinkertons detective scrambling about a steampunk sky-city drunk on a eugenics minded brand of American exceptionalism. Your vested interest is a young lady by the name of Elizabeth, a kidnappee with paranormal abilities calibrated to saving your skin. The series trademark morality issue centres around the physical and mental toll heaped on Elizabeth by relentlessly dragging you out of harm's way. Will you look to your female half for a quick fix and risk harming her, or be the man and roughneck it out on your own? Gender issues and gimmicky metropolises appear to be the only connecting tissue between this installment and the two previous Rapture rotters. Looks like the BioShock brand is to be become a platform for noodles around first person action narratives with an extreme politics twist. Fine by me.

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