Thursday, 17 June 2010

Cut Cut Cut

As well as selling on a controllable cyborg ninja, this trail for Metal Gear Solid: Rising also apportions a large amount of its screen time to demonstrating a variety of mechanics more or less new to the series. Dubbed 'free slicing', Metal Gear's new toy is a precision slash, allowing players to dismember their foes using controllable geometric paths during free-frame play. Director Mineshi Kimura has been quick to point out that although the user is able to horrifically carve up enemies, this new installment, like the rest of the series, will still encourage them to seek pacifistic alternatives. More than likely, ripper-play will attract all kinds of armed unwanted attention, hassling up the experience. Still, with a Raiden this powerful, who cares? Let them come! They shall be cut too. Also interesting are the destructible environments, an idea teased very early on, but more or less junked from the final build of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The ideas been flipped on its head though. Rather than be the fleeing party, suffering ever shrinking cover, you're the monster removing any sense of safety.

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Gary said...

Fuck yes! I had no idea about this!