Thursday, 7 February 2019

Resident Evil 2 - STUNLOCK

Finished up Claire's A scenario in Resident Evil 2 earlier, the last stretch was surprisingly difficult. Any sense of confidence earned through running laps and outwitting Mr X in the police station all but evaporated when heading down into the sewers. The final section, set in a laboratory-cum-conservatory, bled me dry, offering only the bare minimum of supplies to run the hothouse gauntlet.

This penultimate boss, the third form of William Birkin's G monster, was a late-game highlight, coming on like a flesh lump that required the player to simply drain their (dwindling) resources when, in actual fact, the correct approach involved baiting swipes, using acid grenades to halt his approach then popping his bloodshot eyeballs with some precision aiming. In many ways the boss reminded me of Bloodborne's Cleric Beast, a towering, surprisingly swift monster who chewed the player up if they tried keeping their distance. Stay close then run into his heavily telegraphed swipes though and the player can slip under his arm, catching the creature unawares.

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