Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Corporate Throwdown

Capcom's big announce for San Diego was this franchise clasher. Headed up by Street Fighter IV bigwig Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter X Tekken sees an undisclosed number of Namco brawlers getting the chunky IV brand ink and oils makeover - Kazuya, in particular, has never looked better. There's a bootleg gameplay clip doing the rounds that helps clue in fans how each respective fight mechanic will be honoured: Tekken characters appear to have a Fatal Fury style plane dodge that'll take them out the path of Street Fighter fireballs, and airtime looks increased to allow for Namco's trademark string juggles. In the Capcom corner, Ryu's moveset is beefed with his Street Fighter III High Side Kick, suggesting we're not just getting tweaked IV gameplay. No word yet if we'll see Fei Long and Law battling it out to determine who is the more shameless Bruce Lee rip-off. Fingers crossed!

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