Thursday, 23 October 2008

"...You're locked up in here with me."

Here's the Scream Awards Watchmen tease Snyder insists he prepared himself. Clip includes some shilling by principles; taste that insincerity! New footage does little to allay fears that the whole film has been shot in slow motion - however, I do see the thinking behind it; it stalls the image, albeit in a mechanical fashion, much like a reader taking time over a particularly astonishing image. Rodriguez and Miller's Sin City mash-up coulda' done with some of this time dilation, instead they amped up the narrative into a breathless sprint. That said though, Miller's manga infused image avalanche plays better to that particular brand of stylisation; Gibbon's maths panel begs for a more restrained, stylistically anaemic patter. Watchmen is more '92 Eastwood deconstruction than 60s Spaghetti belter. Ramble. Ramble. Displeasure must be strongly noted at Rorschach's newfound Sammy Davies Junior wall-run powers. Dear, oh dear. It's pretty central to Watchmen's thesis that Dr Manhattan is the only full blown superpower - the rest are all various creeds of degenerate playing dress-up. Word 'round the campfire is a massive chunk of the ending has been jettisoned too - no Harryhausen fans in Snyder's house? The knock on effect of which rather muddies some celestial noodling on man's relation to a God. Moaning and whining aside, I'm sure Watchmen will make for a much better film than than the ideologically compromised V For Vendetta movie or the dunderhead League of Extraordinary Gentlemen adaptation. Feint praise indeed. That was meant to sound positive! I'm a dreary nerd blogger. Quick! Think of something nice. Erm. I really liked Manhattan disassembling the tank! That was wicked.


Gary said...

It's still that song that gets it all going. The footage itself looks music video of course. Lack of dialogue being offered up so far is maybe a cause for concern, or maybe I'm just a cynical old twat these days.

Chris Ready said...

Heh. Did you read about the end change? Bah!