Friday, 3 October 2008

I Read Tokyo Zombie. It Was Rad.

Just finished reading Tokyo Zombie. Dead people rise out of a rubbish tip! Bald and Afro martial arts blue collars must kick ass and drive gaudy trucks to survive! Expect swearing, pig surfing, and minutely observed renderings of mixed martial arts grappling. With a grin on my face I raced to my computer to look up author Yusaku Hanakuma. Here is his website. Aside from being a field leader in heta uma (Bad, but Good) style, Hanakuma is also an accomplished martial artist. He has earned a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and writes newspaper columns about the sport. In short, Hanakuma is dead manly and draws treats.

I was disappointed to discover that no more of his work is available in English. Ho-hum. I will have to content myself with perhaps viewing the film adaptation of Tokyo Zombie, or purchasing a wallet featuring his work.

Tokyo Zombie was lovingly translated and touched up (f'narr) by Ryan Sands and Evan Hayden, who run awesome blog: SAME HAT! SAME HAT!

Also! Why not read Jog's review of the book? It's great. And where I stole the youtube trailer link from. I'm not proud. I'M NOT PROUD!

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