Monday, 8 February 2016

Super Bowl Spot - Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War's superhero piley-on is a strange direction for Marvel's best sub-franchise. Captain America: The Winter Soldier turned heads by focusing on 80s action norms like car crashes and bone-crunching interpersonal violence. Civil War bucks that trend, threatening more weightless, CG tomfoolery.


Adam said...

Don't think it's remotely clear that Civil War will buck that trend, although I grant that it's a possibility.

Chris Ready said...

I hope it doesn't! Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier both did a good job of having mostly human-sized danger right up until their special effects finales. Iron Man's team does look pretty computer animated though.

Think I was more excited for Cap 3 when I thought it was gonna be about Serpent Society, just want Cap steamrolling puny humans.

Adam said...

I 100% know what you mean, but nnnyeah, I want my superhero films with superheroes in them. Cap needs to fight dudes who can stand up to him for that you happen.

Having watched WS and IM3 recently I think those finales hold up better than I originally thought.

Chris Ready said...

Defo agree Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier 3 are good stuff. Ideally, for me anyway, you want Cap to run a gauntlet through many to get to the one person who's an equal. I'd like to see him suffer to lengths of Rama in Raid 2. Think they're very similar characters archetypally (is that even a word?) speaking, both defined by their personal resolve and ability to shoulder suffering. That or an adaptation of Bicentennial Battles with each segment directed by someone different. That'd be amazing.