Monday, 10 January 2022

DF Retro - The Splatterhouse Saga

John Linneman and Audi Sorlie run down The Splatterhouse Saga for DF Retro. Covering the original, blood-spattered, Namco arcade cab and its home console conversions, all the way up to the Xbox 360 and PS3's underwhelming 3D brawler. My own personal connection to the laceration-heavy series extends all the way back to my teen years, when I bought an ex-rental copy of Splatterhouse Part 2 from Blockbuster Video for £2.50. Comparing my memories to the footage captured here, it seems the PAL 50Hz revision fouled up the video shop influenced electronica, making the game's throbbing Fulci beats sound more like a stalling, burping, dirge. The reduction in overall speed also left the game feeling a touch more sluggish too, is if the player was attempting to control an unwieldy lump rather than a vein-popped slasher killer. Still, even running nearly 20% slower, nothing beats whacking a rotting zombie so hard that they blast away from your walking axis, ending up as a dripping smear on the background tile. 

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