Tuesday, 26 May 2009

"Somewhere in space, this may all be happening right now..."

Star Wars was 32 yesterday, so here's a vintage trailer! 20th Century Fox's pre-release shill-short is a curiosity in of itself, the sounds especially. It evokes a totally different mood having droning shriek music bracketing proceedings doesn't it? The lack of John Williams' triumphant fanfare makes everything seem rather desperate and fatalist. Our heroes will barely survive! They're pushing Chewie like a headliner too, his framing and the frequency of his profile shots in the opening seconds seems to posit him as the male lead. A rather excellent notion, I'm sure you'll agree. Contrast that with Han Solo's screen time, fleetingly glimpsed frantically plugging away at endless soldier robot thingies. What's his role? Maybe a quick death diversion whilst the Princess and her hirsute bodyguard make a break for it? Hopefully the plucky child manning their laser-cannons can keep the intergalactic fuzz off their tails! It's also quite amusing to hear mention of thousands of alien worlds, then have the trailer cut from a Sandperson to Ben Kenobi. He's from the wizard planet!

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