Sunday, 24 May 2009

Guy Savage

Whilst imprisoned in a hyper-tech Gulag, Metal Gear Solid 3 hero Naked Snake dreams a playable mini-sequence entitled Guy Savage. In this interactive nightmare, users take control of a ninja swift trench-coat killer, dicing swathes of swollen undead coppers in a sepia-grain urban-decay corner.

Directed by Zone of the Enders:The 2nd Runner helmer Shuyo Murata, Guy Savage is an excellent stealth time-out. The player is allowed a brief stretch of undemanding hyper-violence in the midst of a game primarily dedicated to methodical sneaking. It's an expert breather. Lasting a little over two minutes, Guy Savage has the barest of slash interaction mechanic, with a fizz of super-mode escalation. After a set number of enemies are dispatched the action-man enters a frenzy mode: the screen blurs, and normal hack attacks become ribcage rending atrocities. Guy Savage is paced so that this power-up sequence can be fleetingly achieved twice, deftly building a sense expectation, then delivering on it. The title's brevity keeping the willfully shallow death-count building blocks from going stale. Why mention this now? Rumour has it that series director Hideo Kojima is working on a full-length version entitled Max Savage. No stranger to endless interact invention, lets hope Kojima can maintain this grue minded cause-and-effect over a feature length game.

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