Saturday, 23 May 2009

Involved In Creative Endeavours: Trespasser

Another short for your viewing pleasure. Trespasser is a dimension-hop, time travel mash-up puzzler specifically designed to leave your head wringing. Director Gary Ellison asked me to write a time shift slanted piece for his final Film and TV Production project, I fired back a brief slice of undo dead-ending, inspired by constant GTA4 restarting. Gotta get that mission perfect. And what if you met yourself coming back? Once again, it's an uncommon treat to see and hear scribbled bits and bobs spring to life. Gary did a fantastic job with zero financial backing, and uncooperative British weather.

A big thank you to everybody else involved in Trespasser's production. That'll be: Peter Shuff, Adam McCarthy, Giorgio Riolo, Nicola-Elizabeth Potts, Soraya Deria, Elizabeth Ellison, Malath Abbas, and George Ellison.

Trespasser Part 1
Trespasser Part 2

Trespasser HD Part 1
Trespasser HD Part 2

Hope you folks enjoy.

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