Sunday, 3 May 2009


Heads up! BBC 2 begins screening The Wire Season 2 tomorrow. Season 2 continues the urban devastation vein, delving into the plight of a marginalised working class. With dock-fronts slowly disappearing to make way for condo space, how does Joe Blue Collar survive? Aside from eroding class distinctions, viewers can also expect dapper Nation hitmen, a season long case, and more drug dealer bureaucracy. If that piques your interest, pencil in an 11:30 appointment with Baltimore's finest. If it doesn't, bang your head against something until it does.


Mark Kardwell said...

I cringe every time someone refers to season 2 as the weakest. It's the one that makes it ambitions of the writing staff clear: it and season 4 are my favourites, as they are they two most interested in humanity rather than just crime and procedure.

Chris Ready said...

Yeah, I never get that either. 2's fantastic. The closest I've heard to a reason why it doesn't rate is because it shifts focus away from the dealers, onto the docks. So what? As if entry level organised crime isn't interesting! Frank Sobotka is a great character. If I had to pick a series, I'd go 4 as well. The kids are incredibly good. I suppose 2 and 4 are great companion pieces in that the overall arc is about circumstance crushing the individual. The dock workers and the kids don't stand a chance.