Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sketch Sunday: Judge Dredd

77 vintage Dredd for me. Joe's never looked anything but wonderful in his decades spanning career, but for me there's an extra little bit of pizazz located in his formative outings - the zippy wire-man action of early Mike McMahon, and Carlos Ezquerra's pouting futuristic Bank Job prototype. It's all icy mechanical fascism, with a dash of racial ambiguity, and a fizz of bubble head future-pop.

I should learn some art packages. I look at this and think a dash of colour could really help my scratchy little line work. Recommends welcome.


Mark said...

Hey, long time no sketch!

I liked it. Dredd always looks like that in my head, too.

Reds said...

Ta dude! Yeah. Sketch no-shows are a potent mix of laziness and disappointing turn-outs. Most are scribbled on important papers in work y'see.