Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Club

The complete antithesis of a title like Gears of War. Rather than spin out a lumbering space marine yarn, The Club focuses on adrenalised dash-play. Dispensing with anything but the barest context frame, The Club casts players into a Sega-sky manhunt, were quick defeats are encouraged. Players must navigate a variety of abandoned industrial spaces, stringing head-shot combos together whilst puzzling out ever changing course routes. No respite. No formula remix. All superplay speed-runs. Idealised play a brief gasp of fraught sprint shoots. Paced like a time trial race sim, with a gunplay model not dissimilar to Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode, The Club is best experienced in crafty snatches. Extended play eliciting Epinephrine funk fatigue. Unfairly sidelined on release, Bizarre Creations' ode to arcade self-improvement can now be had for less than £10.

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