Monday, 29 June 2009

Draw Parker!

Counting down to the retail release of Darwyn Cooke's take on Richard Stark's The Hunter, Almost Darwyn Cooke's Blog is running a Draw Parker contest. Below be my submission. Stark favoured a young Jack Palance, John Boorman cast Lee Marvin in his LA fever reeler Point Blank, and I'm getting a bit of a Burt Lancaster / Ralph Meeker vibe off what little of Cooke's version I've seen. We'll ignore Mel Gibson. I decided to skew a bit 60s pop Euro cinema for my draft: Lee Van Cleef squint and Belmondo riff-raffery.

Hope you dig. He'll do you harm!

Wow! Rapid turnaround at blog Darwyn. Thanks for posting!


John Nada said...

Heh nice man I like it a lot. There's defo old angel eyes in there, along with Anthony Perkins!

Reds said...

Yeah, there's defo a bit of broody Perkins isn't there? I'm liking!