Sunday, 14 June 2009

Real American World Police

Stephen Sommer's GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Due August. Looks like someone felt a live action remake of Team America: World Police was what the people needed. They're taking irony free blockbusting back! Target 1: The Eiffel Tower! Word is, it's testing on the chart. Ouch.


anna said...

I love how off the cuff their Eiffel Tower plan seems to be... "hmmms, what SHALL we do today? Well you seem to be dressed well for pointless destruction of historic landmarks sooooo.... Eiffel Tower? Good... well, it's just as well I packed the Shiva missile"
"well done dear, but I can't really concentrate right now as, being a woman, I am rendered idiotic by the sight of cheap shoes"

Reds said...

Ha! I think your version is much better. I should like to give you millions and millions to realise this dream, were I to have them.