Monday, 20 June 2011

Savage Sword

A recent brush with Jason Momoa's frown-faced, dog-hump masterclass in HBO's Game of Thrones had me reconsidering the pretty boy snides I'd thrown his way. All brawn and eye make-up in Thrones, Momoa is pregnant with barbaric possibility. Literally every time he's on screen, I'm waiting for him to pull someone's arm out their socket. It's definitely going to happen. Someone's bound to piss him off eventually. An underling will say the wrong thing, then POW! - one arm down. Then, as if to compliment my bubbling interest level, this red band trail for the Conan the Barbarian remake hits, shooting 3D CG blood all over the audience. While this doesn't really look set to dethrone Milius's ponderous, zen anarchy parable, there's enough sneering savagery here to banish all memory of those shitty smoke teasers.

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Gary said...

I'm still yet to watch the show, might wait til season 2 starts before doing so to avoid any cliffhanger upsetting me!