Friday, 10 June 2011

E3 PlayStation Vita

Hype vid for Sony's PlayStation Vita which, going on the first musical cue heard here, is a holy Roman artifact recovered from a Michael Bay movie. If nothing else, the new analog sticks look far more comfortable than the PSP's skin-shredding nub. Clip lists off a broad catalogue of first-gen software, from the tech-muscle sights of a handheld version of PS3 wunderkind Uncharted, to Sound Shapes' abstract puzzle peril. It's your usual collection of base-covering sport units, and wacky IP pitches designed to milk newfangled features. Reality Fighters aside, the weirdest looking proposal is Dragon's Crown, a mondo topless side-scroll brawler that looks like Russ Meyer's slobbering recalibration of Golden Axe.

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