Monday, 3 February 2014

Super Bowl Spot - Captain America The Winter Soldier

After spending my formative years obsessed with Dark Horse's Terminator comics, I'm a sucker for highly motivated cyborg assassins beating up cars. So, of course, Captain America The Winter Soldier looks brill to me. Winter Soldier trying to claw his way into Cap's ride explicitly recalls the last issue of The Terminator: Tempest in which brawny Chris Warner drawn T-800s scrambled all over a fleet of fleeing resistance trucks trying to kidnap a Cyberdyne scientist. The highlight was when an aryan terminator punched a hole through the car's roof only to get a sawn-off stabbed back at him, taking half his face off. So, anything like that please. The whizz-bang CG bullshit is still a trifle off-putting, but seeing real cars getting flipped on humid Washington highways is always welcome.

PS - this isn't actually the Super Bowl spot, it's a slightly longer version prepared for the UK and Ireland which includes a shot or two of Revenge's Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter.

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