Wednesday, 19 February 2014

AD Police Files - The Man Who Bites His Tongue

Akira Nishimori's The Man Who Bites His Tongue is the best sequel RoboCop never had. It builds and expands on the ideas in Verhoeven, Neumeier and Miner's film by looking at the cyborg predicament as a long-term affliction. In the 1987 film we get to ride along with Murphy on his first few missions when vengeance and his sense of duty still drive him. What happens if that dies away? How does a man act when it becomes apparent he's a walking tank with zero opportunity to experience touch sensation? There are no nerve endings built into those Kevlar fingers. They're just an approximation of human form designed to make using tools and interpersonal actions easier. Eventually your power armour loses its lustre, becoming an all-encompassing state of sensory deprivation.

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