Thursday, 27 August 2009

One Million Horse-Power?

Latest dreary hawk for Imagi's upcoming Astro Boy. Look out for blink-brief cameos by a rather young looking Osamu Tezuka; and Grant Morrison's Tyrant Sun Solaris, from DC One Million and All-Star Superman, who looks to be pitching in on jobbing heavy duty. If Atom really must be awkwardly transplanted into a Western centric animation adventure, why couldn't Pixar have come sniffing for the rights? I know they're not usually hip to adaptation, but this is Osamu Tezuka for God's sake. At the very least John Lasseter could have conspired with a cackling Hayao Miyazaki to bring some maximum density to the fondest creation of the limited animation mindset originator. That'd be a victory for their way of life. In my head cinema I'm imagining Brad Bird directing a take on The Greatest Robot on Earth episode: a young person-bot struggling to understand the true implications of his power, whilst battling a serial-killer robot. David Fincher could shoot some live action Pluto inserts on gloomy weekends, and there you have it: something perfect.


Malath said...

uugh... @ the style.
Does not work for me.
Specifically Astro.

Nice spot on the Tezuka cameo.

Reds said...

It's so safe and boring. They've ditched so much of the fiction too. Can't see Nic Cage's Doctor Tenma selling his robo-son to a circus in a fit of self-disgust, can you? Also, what's with the punk-pop love interest for Astro?

Did you ever see the 2000s anime series that ran dead early on weekends on the BBC? That was really rather good. Quite weighty for the time slot. I'd always try and make time for it whilst struggling to get ready for work. The BBC ended up dumping it because it was too dark I think.