Monday, 10 August 2009

"He talk about you so bad, turn my hair gray"

'92 critic flavoured trailer for Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant. Extra special for featuring some brief snatches of Schooly D's Signifying Rapper, a piece that used to hum and pulse throughout the film until Led Zeppelin got wise to D's uncleared Kashmir cop, and issued lawsuit. All subsequent releases of the film now have you hearing Ferrara jamming along with buddy-Christ Paul Hipp instead. I caught a watch of the unaltered version one evening on Channel 4 and never forgot. Rolling, self-perpetuating aggression doesn't quite cover what Schooly D did to Jimmy Page. The perfect accompaniment to Harvey Keitel's masterclass in desperation. If you wanna hear D, you know where to click.


John Nada said...

Ah man, I've got that version taped somewhere, doubt it'll ever see the light of day though. Have no means to watch VHS anymore!

I'd love to re-buy the DVD with the commentary but can't really justify it, haven't you got that one? Heard his commentaries are amazing! From you I think!

This movie really does age like a fine wine.

Reds said...

Nah. I've got the old US edition. No commentary. Shame!