Tuesday, 6 October 2015


As well as adding a shotgun strap that sways around like a pair of pendulous testicles, Marcos Abenante's Brutal Doom mod also reorganises the game's levels, replaces the puny pistol with an assault rifle, and accents the action with zillions of repulsive new gore effects.

Cross-gen video game sequels tend to rethink their progenitors, taking the original idea back to square one armed with new tech. Brutal Doom instead uses current hardware to scale everything up into delirium. More enemies on-screen, moving faster, behaving with a greater intelligence. Doom Dash Turbo. In that sense Abenante's take on id Software's classic has a lot in common with Treasure's Bangai-O - why burn memory building highly detailed sprites when you can just cram two dozen Hell Knights into a tiny room?


Neil said...

They've added SO much to this it's insane. I've wanted to try it for yonks, not gonna hold out much longer I don't think!

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Function One (160BPM)