Friday, 17 January 2014

Call of Duty: Ghosts / Battlefield 4 - THE DEVIL'S EYES

Are people still playing Ghosts? I don't know anyone. Even the YouTube commentators I'm subscribed to, whose livelihoods depends on Call of Duty hype, can't seem to muster up much enthusiasm. Having spent a few days slogging through the apparently unpatchable Battlefield 4 (Dice's latest 'fix' has introduced at least as many problems as it's solved) I've started to miss Ghosts' comparatively fine-tuned latency.

BF4 currently has serious problems giving accurate damage reports. Unload on an enemy and they'll frequently turn around like nothing's happened and one-shot you. Irritation is multiplied when your still standing foe is then listed as having zero health on your death screen. It's a shame that Infinity Ward have finally made some in-roads solving the problems that have plagued the last few entries, only to find everyone's moving on. Still, it's good to see Scrapyard back.

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