Tuesday, 29 September 2009

La Guerra De Las Galaxias

Pre-release Star Wars poster knocked up in less than two days by brothers Tim and Greg Hildebrandt. Project was bumrushed by an antsy Fox, who needed an image quick for newspaper ads. Armed with a photo of Tom Jung's concept pose, the duo set to work. A final draft added Droids, and a signature. This Hildebrandt render is notable for featuring a particularly bodacious looking Princess Leia. Inspired by Frazetta renders, she's all curves, smokey eyes, and danger. Despite being ultimately rejected to lead the American advertising campaign, the image found a home shilling for the Spanish market, and as a merchandise adjunct.


Mark said...

Yup - had a blanket with this on it throughout my childhood years, it's still in my parents' attic somewhere.

Reds said...