Friday, 25 September 2009

"I've covered cross-overs, ya' know?"

Dead Rising survivor Frank West shores up in Capcom's latest hysterical licence war. The west centric release of Japanese nostalgia brand brawler Tatsunoko vs Capcom promises a roster inflation, including the drafting of a certain Willamette Mall veteran. Apparently absent from upcoming sequel Dead Rising 2, Mr West lives on here as a gimmick heavy seizure battler. Basic moveset looks inherited from Marvel vs Capcom 2's Jill Valentine - zombies can be called upon as flesh ballast, and super bars can be cashed for screen filling firepower.

"That's okay with you, right?"


Malath said...

have you got this? Is it even out?
Am clueless when it comes to the Wii!

Reds said...

It's out in Japan without Frank. Comes out late half of January next year in US and Europe. Can't wait!