Saturday, 25 July 2009

Berserker Barrage!

Madhouse's Wolverine; Logan by way of fey Rurouni Kenshin figures, and Yoshiaki Kawajiri stylistics. Wolverine is one of four Marvel animated TV series tailored specifically for Japanese audiences. Wolverine is to be screened Spring 2010, alongside an Iron Man serial, on the Animax channel. I suppose if it tanks in Japan, at least you can sell it back to the Western kids who've grown up with One Piece and Naruto.

My Pitch:

The above is a bit anonymous, but I'm all for the idea of convergence. You just need the right vision. As regards the X-Men's grizzliest, and the model of Japanese migration, I'd like to see Takashi Miike examine the Adamantium skeleton as an infectious body-horror condition. You could begin with the familiar set-up of an amnesia stricken thug stuck in salaryman drag, before work related stresses have blades erupting from his arms. Slick with sweat, he'd fight it for a reel then lose himself in night-mission steel-war. He wants to wear his insides, outside. Maybe have low-level Yakuza victims contaminated, and galvanised, by brushes with Logan; themselves reborn as bastard sword-arm offspring. Imagine: Wolverine battling a city rife with malformed metal pollution men.

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