Sunday, 27 July 2008

Watch Tatsuyuki Tanaka!

Rooting around the interwebs, I found myself a couple of Tatsuyuki Tanaka shorts. Tanaka, you may know as the author of the rather splendid artbook Cannabis Works. Other than that his CV is very hard to get a grip on. He's done storyboard work for Studio 4 °C, was a key animator on Akira, and has a short in the compilation sequel Genius Party Beyond. Tanaka's work tends to feature exceptionally well observed slouch frames moored in a steam-machine clutterscapes AND BEYOND! Misleading pat generalisation wise, I'd go Katsuhiro Otomo meets Paul Pope. It's all the clean lines.

Anyway, the shorts:

First a Nike advert, featuring an animeheroic LeBron James.

Lastly, an Utada Hikaru music video excerpt.

Here, have the Genius Party Beyond trailer too!


S said...

Please see this video!

『Genius Party Beyond』 mix ver. PV
“ZERO”(Song by Tamurapan)

Reds said...

Absolutely superb! Thanks very much. Very kind of you. Think I'll spam this on the main page.