Thursday, 11 June 2015

Jurassic Park III

The Jurassic Park films have real issues mounting a satisfying finale. Each is apparently operating under an undisclosed agreement to never actually have the humans and dinosaurs go claw-to-claw. Instead the tiny, pathetic fleshlings must mantle obstacles and flee. Few of these characters ever think to pack a gun when jetting off to any of the series' dinosaur islands, even if they do it's usually junked before they can unload on any advancing threat.

Either this is an attempt at an animal rights informed, conservation angle or the filmmakers just really want to keep their adventurers forever on the back foot. Mind you, it's not like you could blow the arm off a raptor and still maintain a family friendly certificate. Not in 2001 when Jurassic Park III was released anyway. Director Joe Johnston continues this passive trend with an airless finale that sees the malevolent new apex threat frightened off by the brief whoosh of petrol igniting and a pack of Velociraptors are placated with a flute.

Johnston is fine when it comes to arranging the specifics of hazard action but a little lacking when the time comes to go in for the kill. Unlike Spielberg who, let's face it, is a bloodthirsty savage, Johnston's just not interested in the gruesome details. Dismemberment is handled politely and usually obscured. Several deaths even involve some casual neck-twisting. This decorum jibes badly with a 90 minute screenplay going full speed ahead. JP3 is plotted like a state-of-the-art B picture but executed with all the excess of one of Disney's True-Life Adventures.

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