Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ten Video Games 2010: Bayonetta

Platinum Games to the rescue! In just a year the studio has carved itself out a marketplace niche by being utterly focused on providing the kind of entertainment Capcom, and the wider Japanese games industry, are now either reluctant or unable to deliver. In Bayonetta, ex-Capcom staffer Hideki Kamiya has gifted players an onion-peel action title to rival his own masterwork Devil May Cry. The systems and armaments conceal a yawning depth that allows each and every weapon to be situation usable over the game's vast array of difficulty options. Levels are short, and battles are briefs whirls of constant movement. Bosses tower like stained glass skyscrapers, forcing your hirsute porno-witch to scramble all over their surface hunting vulnerabilities. Bayonetta is daft, totally engaging, and blessed with a fan's eye for detail.

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