Friday, 9 October 2009

Don't sleep!

Anyone with fond memories of the BBC's horror-mockumentary Ghostwatch is well advised to check out this trail for Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity. Despite being completed sometime in 2007, the film is still stuck in a distribution merry-go-round; Miramax did their usual edit-flirt, before the property ended up at Dreamworks. One terrified Steven Spielberg later, Peli was being lined up to direct a superfluous remake. In-house screenings were set up for prospective retool screenwriters, who left said shows a'shaking an' a'quivering. Remake ditched, the original flick's domestic release was then lost to distribution wranglings between Dreamworks and Paramount. Confound it all! So far, Paranormal Activity has been snuck out to American college crowds, who are lapping it up. Director Peli has requested that those interested in seeing the film head to to register interest. If demand hits a million, there are vague promises about a proper theatrical roll-out.

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